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Jan 27, 2021

The Chinese, or more correctly, the Lunar New Year is the annual celebration that coincides with the first New Moon of the year. For many Chinese and Asians, this is a very auspicious time – a birthday, actually, of the New Year. This birthday, when observed correctly, is believed to usher in good luck and abundance...

Jan 20, 2021

The New Year is always a time of reprioritizing and refocusing on the coming year. The Lunar New Year, sometimes called “Chinese New Year,” is also a time of taking great care to prepare yourself and your house for the coming shift in energies we move from one year to another.


Jan 13, 2021

The start of the Lunar New Year has a long history of rituals and observations with making repairs and deep cleaning topping the list in preparation for the start of the Lunar New Year.  A great emphasis is placed on cleaning as a way of preparing the home for the new energy coming in and for removing last year’s...

Jan 6, 2021

There are so many questions about what matters the most in feng shui, and they’re all understandable. It seems like there’s one rule and then another takes that rule away. So, when it comes to personal feng shui, annual and monthly feng shui, afflictions, and form feng shui, how do you manage the feng shui priorities?