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Nov 16, 2022

In feng shui, you can look at someone’s office and home and often see the level of success they enjoy. But can you take those same traits and apply it to something more personal, like your handwriting? Just like there’s a flow and movement that translate into qualities in your life, there’s flow of handwriting that can indicate – and even influence — personal qualities.

The art of handwriting analysis, graphology, is much like feng shui.

Graphology is undertaken seriously by those who practice it, and those who don’t, often treat it esoterically. But, look at some interesting facts about handwriting analysis, or graphology.  The CIA, FBI and many police departments in the US look at handwriting to understand the minds of those they’re investigating.

How does graphology relate to feng shui? In feng shui, the mind and thinking are related to the hand, so by extension, the style of writing someone has provides some insight into that person’s personality and can influence their lives. In my own feng shui training, my teachers encouraged students to look at our signatures to make sure they looked successful and prosperous, with an emphasis of writing that had bold strokes that tilted up and to the right.